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Why use the
King James Bible?

Original Scriptures

All of the original writings of each Bible Book are gone.  None survive.
All of the first tier copies and most, if not all of the first copies of copies are gone.

In the graphic, the gray scrolls (top scroll in each line) represent true copies of the Original Autographs.  The colored scrolls represent copies with errors.  Notice that there are no copies surviving today without errors.  But also notice that since communications were nil or none at all, there are no errors the same, except those past down from the same locale.

But by ignoring the differences (errors) between copies and only using the areas which agree, the original writings come through as a majority.  The errors shine like the imitation pearls that they are, because none of the other texts, outside that locale, have the same type of errors or changes.

So, even with lots of errors and errors in every scripture fragment, the basic differences in all 5000 plus surviving copies is eliminated by using a Majority Rule.  The Original Autographs can now be recreated by using the majority occurrences of each text.  It is often referred to as the Majority Text or Received Text or technically the Textus Receptus.

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