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Decision Cards
in the Soul Winning Booth

Finishing Up

Once the prospect leaves the booth, the Worker part of the Decision Card is completed, then stowed away in a secure spot.  After the event is over, all the Decision Cards will be sorted by city or zip code.  Each group of Decision Cards, which is not handy for the local church contact, will be mailed to an appropriate pastor (see: Follow-up Letter) in the prospect's home town for follow-up.

Decision Cards are sent to Baptist Churches considered to be fundamental, where such a church is available.  Some of them are no better than any other church, but there are a good number who ...
* use the King James Bible
* take the Gospel to the lost
* follow-up on Decisions
* Baptize the regenerated by immersion
* receive the Baptized into membership
* disciple in fundamental areas

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* Anyone can use the Decision Card
How to use the Statement
The Decision Card
The Decision Card Explained
What if Prospects Object
Finishing Up

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