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Decision Cards
in the Soul Winning Booth

The Decision Card Explained

Most all the blanks are self-explanatory. 

The eMail Blank
This is important for teen follow-up.  Many have their own eMail Address at which they can be contacted.

The Worker Blank
This is where the witness puts his or her first name.

Circle Profession
If the prospect made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, circle the word Profession for future reference.

Circle Assurance
If the prospect received assurance of salvation, circle the word Assurance for future reference.

What just happened to you?
The prospects frequently need encouragement to express their testimony on the back of this form.  When they get to this line, I like to tell them ...

Now, turn it over and write on the back what just happened to you.  What you did was call on Jesus as Saviour, but write on the back what happened to you when you did that.

If they do not want to write-out a testimony, let it go and say no more about it.

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The Decision Card
The Decision Card Explained
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