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Connecting with Prospects
in a Soul Winning Booth


After the prospect has
* made a profession of faith or
* received assurance or
* repented of backslidding ...

Introduce him or her to...
* another Worker in the booth
* a Shift Leader
* Pastor
* Someone involved in a ministry which would fit the prospect
   - teaches a class the prospect could attend
   - teaches a class the prospect's children could attend
   - lives close to the prospect
   - works at the same place as the prospect
   - works in a ministry the prospect fits: bus, seniors, choir, etc.
   - same age as the prospect

Those able to connect with prospects are most able to get prospects involved in church ministry.

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* Introductions
Connecting with Workers
Warming up
Take an Interest
Heads up
Do not let them get away
How to Connect
If they Balk
Someone else could Connect
Fitting in at Church
Connect with Prayer
Connect with the Changed Heart
Connect with Jesus
Sorting Through

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