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Connecting with Prospects
in a Soul Winning Booth

Connect with the Born Again Change of Heart

Did the prospect get the change?
Introduce them to a Worker and have them express what just happened.  Not what the prospect did, but what happened to the prospect. 

Try to connect with the experience they express
Once they say it out loud, usually a whole new demeanor comes over them.  At this point a connection can be made.  A Bible verse or two is good, but do not take them ...
* through the Garden with Adam
* through the Red Sea with Moses
* on the ark with Noah
* etc. 

They may say ...
"I feel relieved."

Connect with their relief.  Let them know of the comfort that comes with eternal security.

"I am forgiven."

Connect with their ease of guilt.  Let them know their sins are gone forever, but guilt may come back when they sin in the future.  Heaven is secure, but fellowship with Jesus can be fragil.

"Thank you Jesus."

Connect with their gratitude.  Let them know to back-up their gratitude with action.  Begin living for the Lord.

Do not wallpaper them with Bible verses.  Find the connection and hook-up.

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