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Connecting with Prospects
in a Soul Winning Booth

Connect with prayer

Everyone wants prayer
Lost and Saved people have at least this one common desire.  Everyone wants someone to pray for them.  We all feel that others are more in tune with God.

Pray with them on the spot
Do not promise to pray later.  Only a very few have the character to fulfill this type of promise.
Pray with them at once.
* Tell them to pray, too
* Tell them to thank the Lord for saving them
* Tell them to pray for their need

Get several prayer requests from them before they leave the booth.  Do not let them skirt their issues by asking you to pray for
* the people in Ethiopia
* the conversion of the world
* etc. 
More about Prayer Requests
Put these on paper and turn in to the church.

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Connecting with Workers
Warming up
Take an Interest
Heads up
Do not let them get away
How to Connect
If they Balk
Someone else could Connect
Fitting in at Church
Connect with Prayer
Connect with the Changed Heart
Connect with Jesus
Sorting Through

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