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Connecting with Prospects
in a Soul Winning Booth

Fitting in at Church, Congregation

Everything comes from God, but there is ...
Help at church
* Maturity at church
* Bible Appreciation and Understanding at church

Using effective tools for prospects to connect to the church
* Shift Leaders and Workers could use a Church Brochure

Keep about 20 to 30 Church Brochures in the Booth to give only to Prospects. 

* Shift Leaders and Workers could use a Church Album

Keep a Church Album in the booth to show prospects
* what the church looks like
* what the congregation does
* how the prospect would fit in according to their needs, etc.

* Shift Leaders and Workers could ask for Prayer Requests

Asking for Prayer Requests gets people ...
* to open up
* to begin to connect with God in a meaningful way
* to know you care

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Slide Show Table of Contents
* Introductions
Connecting with Workers
Warming up
Take an Interest
Heads up
Do not let them get away
How to Connect
If they Balk
Someone else could Connect
Fitting in at Church
Connect with Prayer
Connect with the Changed Heart
Connect with Jesus
Sorting Through

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