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Connecting with Prospects
in a Soul Winning Booth

How to Connect

Be a good listener
It is best if they bring up the subject.
* Connect with mutual interest, listen for it
* Connect with their need as he or she perceives it, listen for it
* Connect with how their family will react, listen for it
   - Comfort
   - Chaos
   - Apathy
* Connect with their fit in the church's ministries
* Connect with one good Scripture verse.
Do not give them 5 or 6.  If you do not know one that fits, make note and find one when at home.  You will need it again.

When connecting ...
Give them something that will give them
* hope
* comfort

But give them a ...
* thirst for more
* place to get it (the church)
* time when it is available

"We have learned in Sunday School how Jesus
* saves from eternal punishment,
* how He loves and protects us after salvation, and
* how He is coming again to take us home. 
You would like to know more about that, wouldn't you?
I need to help you get plugged in ..." 

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* Introductions
Connecting with Workers
Warming up
Take an Interest
Heads up
Do not let them get away
How to Connect
If they Balk
Someone else could Connect
Fitting in at Church
Connect with Prayer
Connect with the Changed Heart
Connect with Jesus
Sorting Through

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