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The Bible Is True
A Short, but Effective Explanation

Caution is Prescribed!

Some get it.  Some don't.
Not everyone who calls on Jesus as God and Saviour gets the change.  You must mean it in your heart.

At First
The first time I ask Jesus to save me.  I was not saved, nor did I get the change.  I also knew my heart was not in it.

Then Later
A week afterwards I did the same thing again, but this time I got the change.  Reflecting back,  I know that I meant that prayer, because of the change.

The New Heart, Perspectives, Desires were verification.
I know that
* God is real
* The Bible is true
* Jesus saves

What's next?  See: Finally

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* Introduction
* Not Faith, But Fact
* The Quote
* The Change
* I Got What You Get
* Caution Is Prescribed
* Finally

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