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Backslidden Tract
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Never attack the Backslidder

The defensive heart will likely not repent
He or she knows who they are and what they are doing.  The ones who will not admit their condition, are the ones who have been attacked and have reverted to defending their position.

Are they Saved?
A good method to bring the Backslidden out into the open is to inquire about how sure they are about being saved.

For instance, we ask, "Are you 50 or 75 or 100% sure that you are born again?"  Most Backslidders have lost the victory of their salvation and are no longer sure of it.  If they are still sure of their eternal destination, many in this category will say, "I know I am saved, but right now I am ...".  They all finish a little different, but every finish can be summed in the word, "Backslidden".

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Lost Assurance?

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