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Backslidden Tract
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This is a simple Gospel and Repentance presentation, which when read to the prospect, can be embellished with a little more explanation.

Since this pamphlet is used sparingly, it may not pay to have several thousand printed.  (Winning and Warning prints them as needed from files in the computer.) They print 4 to the 8.5 x 11 page.  Each page is printed front and back.  The letter size page is cut in quarters.  Each is then folded to a pamphlet with 2 leaves and 4 pages.  The 4 pages are the ones you see above.

Download Instructions for an original to be copied or printed directly from computer

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* Cover Page
1st Option - Repent
2nd Option - Chastisement
Gospel Presentation
Never Attack
Lost Assurance?

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