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Tract in the Gutter

The long gone famous Tent Revivalist and radio preacher, Oliver B. Green, used to tell about how a roofer found a tract in the gutter of a house he was re-roofing and experienced salvation, right there on top of the house.

* How did the tract get in the gutter?
* Why did the roofer stop and even give it a thought?
* Doesn't it take longer than that to get saved?

Who can know the answers to these questions.  All we can know is that when the Lord comes in, there is a change.  When the change shows up, we know we have been saved.  When we are saved, who cares about the endless circumstances that God used, to accomplish the desired end?

But, there are no very, very few circumstances that can get that tract out of your church vestibule, into your pocket, and in front of someone who needs it without your help.  We cannot do all of it, but God has chosen to use us, to have a part.

* Do your part
* Get the ball rolling
* Lay them around
* Ask others if you have ever given them one
* Take them to a Parade (but you will need a lot)
* Give God something with which to work

But what if they just throw the tract away?  That is what probably happened to the tract that ended up in the gutter on the house. 

Get them out.  God can use however little you give Him.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010