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How to Start a
Parade Ministry

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
* Determine to do the work
Determine a Source for Tracts
Determine when and where Parades occur
* Determine a way to carry your tracts
* Get our eBook on Parade Ministry

Determine to do the work
It does not matter who or how many others in your church help.  What is important is that you do it.

Determine to do it for the Lord
Whatever is done for Jesus turns into Gold, Silver and Precious Stones.  Whatever is done for anyone or anything else, will become wood, hay and stubble.  The former will be purified in the refining fires.  The latter will be consumed.


Determine a Source for Tracts
If your church uses a particular tract(s), use what you have.  Do not be concerned about a variety.  We have used the same tract at the same parades for years.  Just make certain to use tracts the public will ...
* Receive
* Retain
* Read
An excellent one is the Smiley Tract which Sowers of Seed in Fort Worth, TX, has produced for many years. 

Experience is the key. 
People who do not work Parade Ministries do not know what tracts are best.  Take a tract to a parade and see if the public will receive it.  Nothing happens if it is rejected.  Do not think rejection is some kind of spiritual progress. 

If they will receive it, the next part of the test is retention.  Once a tract is placed in a person's hand, if they throw it on the ground, the test for that tract is over.
The Smiley Tract we use is kept over 95% of the time.  In other words, if we hand out 1000, then after the parade is over and we only find 10 - 20 - 30 on the ground, we know that retention is about 97 - 98 - 99%.  If you find 100 hundred or more on the ground, retention is poor.

If prospects receive, and retain your tract, do they read it?
Sometimes we begin handing out tracts at parades before the parade starts.  As we look back, if we cannot see anyone reading, then something is wrong.  A good reading percentage is 20 - 30%.  If you just gave away 100 tracts and can't see 20 - 30 people reading (if the parade is not underway) then your tract has failed.
Again, the Smiley Tract has a good record here, too.

Many pastors like to use the "God's Simple Plan of Salvation" tract.  Unless you read and explain this pamphlet to the prospect, if fails in ever area.  It has good information.  It is written well.  It is thorough.  But, people will not take it and if they do, they will not keep it and if a few keep it, they will not read it.

Sorrowfully, tracts are written for pastors, not the lost.  And since a large number of pastors will not use them at parades or soul winning, they choose them by how they promote the church to the public or how they present doctrine for the approval of their pastor friends. 
Many are also full of Christian jargon.  Almost all lost people do not understand Christian wording, neither do most Christians.  Illustrations in a tract usually narrow the audience to the group who understand and appreciate the illustration.

As you use tracts, become a student of how they are
* Received
* Retained
* Read


Determine when and where Parades occur
Start with local Parades, then work out to other communities.  Determine ...
* The Date
* The Time
* The Route
* The Place where it will muster and disperse


Determine a way to carry your tracts


Get our eBook on Parade Ministry


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