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At The Prospect's Home

Table of Contents
1. While witnessing from our public booth
2. Genuine righteousness on our part
3. When calling on prospects
4. All prospects were willing to hear the Gospel

Please read the subsequent notes
before following-up prospects

1. While witnessing from our public booth
 * “Arm twisting” tactics were not allowed
 * Obnoxious, overbearing procedures were not employed
 * Nor any other trick or tactic to gain insincere professions


2. Genuine righteousness on our part
does not prevent insincerity on the part of some prospects
 * They may have given a false address or name
 * They may have placated the person witnessing to them without a true conversion
 * They may have not observed a God-given change in their life and feel they have failed and not want to talk
 * They may be embarrassed to discuss spiritual things with a stranger or while friends or family members are around
 * They may have become offended because of the Word and not want to go any further
 * They may have become choked by the cares of this World and not want to hear about spiritual things
 * They may have become fruitful and have already brought forth fruit, even many fold.  At many events, we have prospects who make a profession of faith, then bring their friends by to hear the Gospel.  Instant "Andrew's", already bearing fruit!


3. When calling on prospects
 * Check carefully
    - Is the prospect truly saved?
    - Can you observe a God-given change in their life?
 * Take a few Bibles
    We usually ask if they have a Bible, but most do not know what kind of Bible they have or believe that any book called a Bible is God’s Word.  Our witness was referenced from the King James Bible.  Have these Bibles with you.
Point out a passage on assurance or the second coming and ask the prospect to read it over and that you will drop by in a week or two to ask them what they think about it.  Be sure to mention it will be a brief visit.  Be careful to let them know you are interested in their thinking on the that particular subject.
 * Contact the Prospect many times.
    This gives the Spirit opportunity to help you be "Johnny-on-the-spot" as various incidents arise.
We have all heard stories of converts who said they were so grateful for the soul winner who did not give up in the face of rejection.
 * When the prospect lives with parents …
do not immediately ask for the young person at the door.  Explain to the parent that the teenager has displayed some spiritual interests, etc.  One is often able to witness to the parent.  We do not witness to 12 year olds and under, unless we obtain permission from a parent or someone in charge for the day.


4. All prospects were willing to hear the Gospel
While ...
 * in an open booth
 * in a public venue
 * from an open Bible
They surely have some spiritual interest and are worth the effort of contact and genuine love.

The prospects whose names and addresses you have received are seated to listen to a witness from Winning and Warning or local church workers after that prospect has said they want to SEE what it takes to be born again.

All prospects to which Winning and Warning leads in prayer for salvation ...
* are told that if they did not mean their prayer that they were not saved
* are shown that to be born again is to experience the new birth and receive a God-given change, become a new person
* are told that the church is the place where they are to receive further help
* are shown that Jesus Christ is not only their Saviour, but the source of all power to live for Him
* are asked if they sometimes go to church and if so, why has their former church not told them how to be saved? And reminded that if they experienced the God-given change that
the change is proof that all they were told is the truth and to seek further help from the church helping in the booth or in their home town, if they live out of the area.

Do not forget
The person doing the follow-up work must remember that not everyone who prays gets saved. Steve Andres is living proof. I did not get saved until the second time. But, after the first time I prayed, I knew I was not saved and I knew that if it was true, I wanted it.

Though some may slip through the net of salvation, we have an excellent success rate in planting the seed of the Word.  And after all, seed planting and watering is all any of us really can do.  God must give the increase: at His good time; at His good pleasure.

Church Matriculation
We also like to remind pastors and members, that proportionally, very few prospects from public events and knocking on doors actually are channeled into a local congregation.  But a huge benefit from a ministry like this is the maturity and excitement that participating helpers enjoy.  When members learn how to witness and become bold (not obnoxious) enough to use what they know, church growth and revival are within grasp.  Where else can you train willing members in a single afternoon to be confident witnesses?

Many, as they leave, whether making a profession of faith or not, thank us for sharing our witness with them.  Many wonder why they have not heard how to be saved in their church.

Not Possible
If you are not able to follow-up on prospects, please pass them to a church who might be able to make contact, or return them to us.

Thank you for your help.



G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010