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Why Have a
Public Event Witness

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Why should the Local Church be
 Involved in the Community
 *Fairs  *Festivals  *Flea Markets  *Parades

Table of Contents
1. To Spread the Gospel
2. To Train Church Members in Soul Winning
3. To Build Church Membership

 To Spread the Gospel

We will not take the time and space at this point to reiterate the message of the Bible to take the Gospel to the World.  If you are saved your heart tells you what you are saved from and where the lost are headed.

It is the job of the church to take the Gospel to every creature: at home, regionally, nationally and globally.

Public events offer a great opportunity to touch every facet of the community:
 * All ages
 * All economic backgrounds
 * All degrees of education
 * All employment situations

Everyone will be at the Festival either this year, next or the year after. 
 * Some will be saved
 * A few more will hear. 
 * Many will take a tract. 
Do not miss this tremendous God given opportunity.


 To Train Church Members
 in Soul Winning

At a time when Door to Door Soul Winning has slowed in most parts of the nation, the church has lost a vital source of
 * finding the lost who will listen
 * training its members to be soul winners
 * encouraging God's people to be a witness

Use the local Fair, Festival, Flea Market and Parade.  People come by the 1000's (even in small communities). 
 * They want to see something new.
 * They want to experience something different.
 * They want to hear some new ideas.
 * They want something to make them happy.

All of this spells "Open Heart".  When the heart is open, it will receive new input.  This is the perfect time to plant the seed of the Word.  
* Members can see Soul Winning in action.
* Members can learn how it is done.
* Members can put their knowledge to work.
* Members can teach others to do the same.


 To Build Church Membership
 through Soul Winning

Public Events do not offer excellent prospects for Church Membership.  It is difficult to get these prospects into church. 

"Then why go?"

Mostly for the sowing of the seed and training.  But especially for the confidence and boldness that training offers.  Once members learn how to deal with the public, become confident in the use of the Bible and bold for the Lord, they will begin to Evangelize their Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, Workmates and Schoolmates.  This will build a church, any church.

Successful pastors agree, 100%, that the best prospects for membership are the people their members know.  Members want to tell them how to be saved, but they have not had the hands-on training that Public Events offer to gain the confidence and boldness to be an effective witness.

Going once a year to the local festival is not enough.  Churches should seek out opportunities year around to keep the fires of evangelism going.  To sustain the embers of soul winning.  To keep people soul conscious 12 months out of the year.

Steve and Pat Andres began to go to one day festivals in 1979 about once  month from April through October.  Different ones from the church would go with us.  Many led their very first converts to the Lord at these events.  Many more became proficient soul winners because of the sheer number of occasions they were able to present the Gospel.  Some of these people began to win their friends, relatives, neighbors, people they worked with, went to school with, and so on. 

The church was guided by a very able pastor and it grew to running over.  A small country church, 18 miles from town built a large 300-400 seat building.  Competent, confident soul winners were at the foundation, as their gained experience supplied competence.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010