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Who Are the
Best Prospects
for Soul Winning?

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

 Finding the Best Prospects!

Table of Contents
1. Best Prospects are not Strangers
2. Everyone should be involved
3. Start with Strangers
4. Stats

The Best Prospects are not Strangers
Most successful church leaders and pastors will tell you that dealing with strangers is not the best place to find prospects.  We should, of course, spread the Gospel with every human being, friend or foe.  But the best place to find open hearts who will listen and more likely come to church is amongst people you know:
* Friends
* Relatives
* Neighbors
* Workmates
* Schoolmates

Everyone should be involved
This is why soul winning has to be done by all.  The pastor does not know the men with whom you work, nor your cousins.  Only you can reach them with the Gospel.

Start with strangers. 
Get your confidence and boldness up by dealing with people you do not know.  Move on to people you know.  You can get them into church.

Fairs, Festivals and Flea Markets are an excellent place to take your members to sharpen their skills in soul winning AND spread the Gospel at the same time.  As the confidence and boldness picks up, they will want to start talking to people they know.  At this point is where solid church building begins to take place.

Look at the following stats for the proof of the above statements.

These are replies from people who visited a church and why they joined.

I visited there - 1%
I liked the Sunday School - 1%
I had a special need - 2%
I just walked in - 3%
I liked the programs - 3%
I liked the Pastor - 6%
Other reasons compiled - 5%
I was invited by a Friend or Relative - 79%


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
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