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Unique Approach
to Soul Winning

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

* No Short Cuts
* No Easy Fixes
* No Smoke Screens

This approach does require some explanation to new participants.  Contact us through our eMail Dispatch and we can furnish a phone number or Postal Address.  But, this article will give you the gist of what can be done. 

The main objective is to not let this sit.  People are dying and will forever suffer, if God's people do not make an effort to take the Gospel to them. 
* Give them opportunity for a choice. 
* Give God opportunity to bless.

Table of Contents
* Traditional Soul Winning is basically 2 areas
* Paradox
* Shift Leader - Worker
* Training
* Witness Pamphlet
* The Key
* Local Church Guidance
* Unique Experience
* Get started

Traditional Soul Winning is basically 2 areas:
1. greeting, meeting, seating prospects in an effort to get them in front of an open Bible
2. Using an open Bible, to take prospects through salvation

Of the 2, the first one takes the most time and requires a huge amount of classroom study.

We exclaim ...
Give your students hands-on experience with the second part first.  Sounding backwards? Hardly. Once a trainee has experience in the second part of presenting the Gospel, the first part comes easy, with barely any training at all.

How can this be done?
We use Team Soul Winning at Public Events. The Shift Leader greets, meets and seats prospects to whom 1-4 Workers witness.

The Shift Leader by passes all the training by using 3 Questions to qualify a prospect for a witness by a Worker.

The Worker by passes all the training by waiting for the Shift Leader to send prospects.

The Shift Leader only has to learn 3 Questions and the Worker only has to learn how to impart the Gospel or simply use our Witness Pamphlet.

Some object
"I see how the plan is suppose to work, but how can the Shift Leader find enough prospects for 1-4 Workers?"
If there is a good crowd, some Shift Leaders keep 8-10 Workers busy. We go on the premise that everyone wants to be saved, but have never been asked the right question. Over many years of experience, we have worked up a set of questions that have served us well, as well as the churches who have learned how to use them. You can see how to use these 3 Questions in our 3+3+3 = Seated Method. There is no charge, no cost. God gave to us, we pass it along. We do like to reinforce things with personal instruction, to ...
* Let the Shift Leader know what not to do
* Emphasize areas of importance

Once a person is very familiar with the second part (taking prospects through the scriptures) the first part (getting the prospect in front of an open Bible) becomes rather simple, even superfluous.  Any soul winner with years of experience will exclaim that they do not use all the preliminaries taught in most soul winning courses. 

"When you know where you are going, it is much easier to get started and even arrive on schedule."
G. Steven Andres


The problem with beginners is not being able to get to the Bible without going through all the calisthenics of ...
* "How are you?"
* "You have a very nice home."
* "Do you go to church somewhere?"
None of this kind of exercise is needed to witness to friends or relatives or neighbors or co-workers or schoolmates.  All that is needed is a confidence in using the Scriptures.
Witnessing to strangers is mostly to spread the Gospel and for personal experience.  So to be able to witness to people you know, you must learn a lot of "Stuff" you don't need.
Therefore, we suggest you use Public Events as your classroom.  This by-passes all the warm up talk and moves members directly to the second part, Bible use.


Shift Leader - Worker
A Shift Leader is trained to work the front of the booth to Greet, Meet and Seat prospects to whom the rest of the members, as Workers, will witness. 

Most think, "Well now you have to train the Shift Leader the traditional first part."  Not so.  This is where the beauty of Public Events comes into the play.  Many prospects are open-hearted at Fairs, Festivals, Flea Markets, etc., and do not require all the
* warm-up
* getting acquainted
* looking for a chance to bring up the Gospel
* etc. 
Neither does the Shift Leader have to deal with the questions and objections.  To help even more, we have developed the 3 + 3 + 3 = Seated Method.


Our Method takes only about 15 minutes to train a Shift Leader to Greet, Meet and Seat the prospect.  We usually take another 45 minutes to SHOW them what NOT to do.  Everyone is always shocked at how simple this is.  A reasonable person can become 80% to 95% effective and productive after 10 to 30 minutes of work (notice we said "work", not training).

With the Shift Leader eliminating the first part of the traditional training in Soul Winning, this leaves the Workers to care for the second part, Bible use.


Witness Pamphlet
We have also developed a Witness Pamphlet which the Worker can READ to the prospect, the first few times a witness is attempted.  This allows for very little training for the worker.  But we do like to spend a service with the entire church to put prospective workers at ease so they will volunteer.


The Key
Prospective Workers need to only understand ...

Workers only witness to prospects who have ASKED TO SEE what it takes to be born again.

Workers do not have to
* deal with questions
* objections
* search for rebuttal scriptures
* etc.

Shift Leaders do not have to either.  The 3+3+3 = Seated Method cares for 100% of all seekers and 90% of the "Tire Kickers" and casual "Bible Scholars".


Local Church Guidance
A wise pastor will be present in the booth to help members with their hang-ups, habits, fears, rabbit-trailing and so on in their witness.  All the things taught by traditional soul winning methods.

Unique Experience
No other soul winning endeavor affords this kind of ...
* Jack-Rabbit start
* hands-on training
* supervision for learners
* prospect exposure
* evident results


Get started
Send us an eMail with your ...
* Comments
* Questions
* Concerns
We can call you back and explain at length.

Steve Andres


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