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Soul Winning
a Problematic Issue
in Every Church

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

There is Help!!!

Table of Contents
1. The Church Building Cycle
2. Problems in the Cycle
3. We can Help!!!
4. But, how are the People Trained?
5. Huge Advantages
6. Biggest Problem

 The Church Building Cycle
 and Soul Winning

1. Church organizes or begins a new Growth Campaign.
2. Pastor wins the first few members and a few more transfer into membership.
3. New members trained in the use of the Bible for Soul Winning.  Transfers are usually not much help in Soul Winning.
4. Members begin to use the training (mostly door to door to build confidence and boldness).  Very few of these people (strangers to the soul winners) actually come to church and get involved.
5. Confident members begin to witness to their Friends, Relatives, Neighbors, Workmates, Schoolmates, etc.  These are the prime sources for new members.
6. New members are trained in the use of the Bible for Soul Winning.


 Problems in the Cycle

Issues in Soul Winning training begin, not in the instruction in the use of the Bible, but with the handling of the prospect's objections.  Actually training members as to how to get the prospect in front of an open Bible, takes up a majority of the sessions.  This training is often perceived to be ineffective by the trainees, because the answers to objections seem narrow and inappropriate and hardly ever relevant when actually witnessing.

Fear is the real obstacle.  And especially fear in talking to Friends, Relatives, Neighbors, Workmates, Schoolmates, etc.  The very ones who are the best prospects.

* How do I answer their questions and actually get started?
* I just want to tell them about Jesus.  I do not know how to placate them.
* Why is this so difficult?  It was not this way with me.
* Where are the people who just want to hear how they can be saved?
* It seems I have to be a professional the very first time out.

After just a few sessions in "Bible use", very few members complain about the difficulty of using the Bible.  A marked Bible or a good tract can help overcome this obstacle, too.  This is not the real problem. 

The problem is fear. 
* Fear to speak up. 
* Fear in being questioned. 
* Fear in uncertainty. 
* Fear in getting good prospects in front of an open Bible.


 We can help!
 * Soul Winning  * Witnessing  * Evangelism

All fears are eventually eased with
* experience,
* then confidence,
* then boldness.

1. Open
When working at a public event, many people are open to new input.  They came in the first place to see something new or look for entertainment or seek out something new to eat.  The by-words are: new, look, seek.  This indicates open hearts, as opposed to being defensive, like at their door-step.  Prospects are on our "turf" at a public event, not theirs.

2. Engage
Our 3 Door Board utilized with our 3 Question Method enables a single, bold, confident person to engage people passing by and find those open hearts.

3. Seat
The prospect is seated in front of an inexperienced Soul Winner who presents the Gospel. The Soul Winner can do this from a marked Bible or tract, etc.  Most witnessing fears are eliminated because as the prospect is seated, he or she is really saying, "Show me."

* There are no questions to answer.
* There are no objections to meet.
* There is no warm-up time. 

The prospect is sitting because they have said, "Yes, I would like to see what it takes to be Born Again."  All that is left is to show it to them.

After a Soul Winner shows people over and over, how to be saved, they become ...
* bold
* confident
* courageous
* competent
They learn how to read people, as to what they can "get away with" during pre-witness.  Learning these parameters is the best education for Soul Winners. 

* "How far can I go?"
* "What can I say and not upset people?"
* "How sensitive are people?"
* "Will they let me ask them to pray to be saved?"


 But, how are the people trained
 who seat the prospects.

They must only memorize 3 questions.  They must also be out going, determined to win the lost and exhibit some character traits.  Many learn how to do the work up-front in 10 to 15 minutes, if there is a good crowd. 

We have even taught this to people who only speak Spanish and at the same time, we do not speak a word.  It is that simple.

The sole problem is when trainees "think" they know what to do and begin in the wrong directions.  This is why it must be seen in person, so the trainer can quickly correct potentially bad habits and misconceptions and encourage an open and outward attitude.


 Huge Advantages
 in Soul Winning at Public Events

1. The pastor can actually work with his people and see where they are lacking in Soul Winning to key-in for training, preaching, lessons, etc. 
2. One Saturday every other month (good timing for a small work) is an excellent way to reach all the different types of people in your vineyard, those around you and even a few across your state.


 Biggest Problem

Lack of public events
and therefore lack of Soul Winning opportunities. 
Learning the method is quick and simple.  The biggest problem is that small towns usually have only one usable event per year.  This can be overcome by going to neighboring towns up to an hour or so away. 

This is actually helpful. 
Members are more apt to work in a place where no one is going to recognize them.  Plus, many neighboring cities may not have a good Gospel Witness.  Other places have churches, which may be attempting to get off the ground.  What is wrong with winning people whom you know will never come to your church?

Call us
Let's Talk. 
Ask some Questions. 
What would it hurt?

Thank you for your time.



G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010