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Does Your Church
Recognize their Responsibility
to Reach their Community?

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
* We are looking for churches who
* If you church does not recognize responsibility
* Contact us
* Experience

We are looking for churches who ...
* Do not recognize their responsibility of taking the Good News to their community, but want to know what can be done.
* Do recognize their responsibility of taking the Good News to their community, and interested in finding a good soul winning vehicle.
  - to touch the lost
  - restore the backsliden
  - encourage the saints
  - train new soul winners to do the same

If your church does not recognize responsibility for spreading the Gospel in its community ...
Your Assembly ...
* may have adopted a policy of gradually working at it.  Thinking there is no real hurry, no urgency.
* may have bought a Calvinistic bill of goods.  Thinking that since God does the saving, He does not want the Saints to intervene.
* may think everyone is either already saved or all who are going to be saved are already saved.  Thinking there is no work to be done.
* may think the world is too lost.  Thinking, due to extreme sin, they can no longer be saved.
* may think they must be called to Evangelism.  Thinking a direct appointment from God is necessary to go after the lost.
* may think they must be gifted for soul winning.  Thinking a God-given talent or spiritual gift is prerequisite.
* may think maturity of the Saints is more necessary.  Thinking spiritual growth of the Saints is paramount to becoming a Saint.
* may think their Children are the sole goal of Evangelism.  Thinking someone else is responsible for the rest.
* may think exercising spiritual gifts are more important.  Thinking God is more pleased in having the gift, than its use.
* may think, if they want to be saved, they can come to church services.  Thinking the lost know there is such a thing as salvation, it can be for them and it can be obtained at the church house.
* may think a worship service (communing with God) is more important than an evangelistic service.  Thinking God takes special pleasure in their singing, praising and Bible exposition.
* may think they need more training.  Thinking the instruction of others is a replacement for personal experience.
* may think they do not have enough help.  Thinking more than soul winner is prerequisite.
* may think they don't know how.  Exactly!  God does the saving.  You do not need to know how.  You simply must tell them they can be saved, show them verses in how to be saved and if they want to be, lead them in a prayer.

Before you attempt to fire your preacher and send him to another church to drag down, shouldn't you start, even without the rest of your assembly.  Revival is not in the Group.  It is in the individual's heart.  There may be a few individuals with Revival, but it does not take more than one person.

Contact us
Discover how a single member or several can
* Set up a booth
* Distribute tracts
* Greet the public
* Seat prospects in front of untrained members
* Witness only to prospects who have asked to see what it takes to be saved
* Retain follow-up information from prospects
* Introduce prospects to other members
See how a member can be matured in soul winning from just watching others, to doing the witnessing themselves, in some cases, in just an afternoon.

We are currently working events with others in all 50 states, on 4 continents and adding.
We know what to do and not do.

Take advantage
* of our tested and proven methods over many years
* of our tried and verified equipment
* of our many years of experience, with many cultures
* of our ability to encourage the Saints
    - to see the need and simplicity
    - to have the compassion
    - to give themselves to the work

Contact G. Steven Andres


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