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Soul Winning
Church Fall Festival
Halloween Substitute

If the Fall Festival is in a Church Fellowship Hall or tent, set up a table at the entrance and have everyone entering to register for the free drawing. 

This is not Gambling

Prearrange a nice prize for the drawing and have it at the entrance.  Have several other drawings during the festival to keep the excitement level high.

Registration gets the name, address, phone, email, etc., of everyone entering the Festival.

Not just games
Amongst the games have Information Booths for all the ministries of the church or at least the main ones.  Man each one with the director of the ministry or knowledgeable person to ask visitors as they pass, if they know someone who qualifies for that ministry.

"Hello, do you know anyone who is deaf and might have needs?"
The Director then finds out who the person is, how they are associated with the visitor, etc.  The Director can also look for an opportunity to witness to these visitors.

Also, have a Soul Winning Booth 
Man it with 2-3 soul winners using the 3+3+3 = Seated method.  This method enables the soul winners to ...
* Greet
* Meet
* Seat visitors for a thorough witness.
Do not discount this method.  We use it at all kinds of public events with many different cultures with very good success.  See Booth Operation.

If children want to see how to be saved and are with adults, ask all of them to sit.  Make the witness interesting with a "Pencil Power Point" (or Witness Graphic that can be printed out and copied) or some other tool to hold attention.

This is not an untried notion. 
We have set up a booth at our Fall Festival and had as many as 18 ask the Lord to save them, children, teens and adults.

It is worth noting that visitors are coming to your premises, "On Your Turf".  They will comply with your rules and for the most part do as you direct, in order to participate in the free games, free prizes, free food, etc.

Pastor Lamb in San Antonio set up a tent in a vacant lot.  700 came through the entrance.  90+ made a profession (forgot exact number).  They willingly gave all the information asked of them.  This church was not at the visitor's front door, but the visitors were on church property and complied accordingly.



G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
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