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How to Let
New Converts Know
Their Church Is in Error

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents:
* Do not attack them or what they believe
* Ask a simple question
* Move on
* Let them ponder
* Introductions

After winning someone to the Lord, how can you let him or her  know their Church is Biblically in Error?

First, you know his or her church is not on track, because it has not already told the new convert how to be saved.  This is exactly what needs to be addressed, the following is how to do it.


Do not attack them or what they believe.
We do not suggest compromise, nor being obnoxious.

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  Matt 10:16

When people are attacked or criticized, they usually defend.  Some even go on the offensive.  Jesus loses in both instances.


Ask a simple question.
We have a pamphlet called the Next Step.  On the cover it shows the first step is Salvation, the next is Church, the next is Bible and the last is Rewards.

We point out the progression by saying that Salvation was first, this happened just now.

Next we point to the picture of the Church and say, "Do you have a church?" Or, "Do you go to a Church?"  Most say yes.

Then we ask this question: "Salvation is the most important experience for anyone, I wonder why it is that your Church has never told you how to be saved or born again?  You know it is a fact, because you just got the change that comes with the new birth.  Hmmm?"


Move on.
Do not wait for a reply.  This would be asking for the new convert to defend their church or even say something about where you go.  Move on.  Ask them if they have a Bible of their own.


Let them ponder.
Allow them to think about why they were never told how to be saved at their church. They are more apt to be critical in their thinking, if their first reaction is not defensive.


After all is concluded, introduce the new convert to someone from the local church who is helping in the booth.  Say something like, "I recommend the church these people go to, because they care enough about the community to come and tell others how to be saved.  The most important work of the church."  I tell them, "I can say this because I am from out of town and can brag on them a little."

This lets them know what a good church is and a bad one.


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