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How To Get Started
with a Soul Winning Booth
at Fairs and Festivals

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
* Determine what is available
* Particulars
* Contacts
* Out of Town

Determine what is available
Call the Local Chamber of Commerce and ask about a Fair and Festivals in the area.
* Ask which events rent booth space to vendors and non-profits.
* They will want to know what you sell.  Tell them you do not sell anything, but freely make Gospel Literature available and will be working with or out of __________ Baptist Church.  Be sure to let them know it is a Baptist Church, so they will not think it is some kind of cult.  If your church has a bad name in the community or considered a cult by the public, do not give them the name, but work as an individual or personal ministry.


* List Events renting booth space. 
* Obtain dates.
* Ask for Contact names and numbers.


Call the Contacts and ask for ...
* Cost to rent space
* Days Event is operational
* Time booths will be operational
* Time for booths set up and removal
* Contact name at Event
* Electricity for lights if operational after dark
* Electricity for lights should be free, so do not pay for it
* Cost for admission, if applicable, Free Passes?
* Cost for parking, if applicable, Free Passes?
* If a multi-day Event, does booth have to be open every day
* If must be open every day, does it have to be manned all day
* Ask for an Application to be sent to you.
* Booth Contracts usually answer most questions, not all Events use Contracts
* Is Insurance demanded?
* Try not to be put with the non-profits, but in with Arts & Crafts or Commercial booths, cost may be a factor
* Deadline for Contracts or Checks
* How many booth spaces were rented last year.  If you have a choice, go to the Event with the most spaces rented last year
* Is there a Carnival.  If you have a choice, go to the Event with a Carnival.
* Is there a Parade.  If you have a choice, go to the Event with a Parade, even if you have no intention of Tracting the Parade.


Out of Town
Do the same thing with the Chambers of Commerce in good size towns within an hour or two.  Most cities do not have enough Events to support a church's Public Event Ministry, so it will be necessary to get out of your city limits.  An Event once or twice a year is not enough to keep interest up.  Shoot for something monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly during the tolerable weather season.
Most question the wisdom of going out of town.  "Prospects cannot get to my church". 
Look at the Public Event Ministry the way you do the Nursing Home Ministry.  The people being ministered to will never come to church, but the people doing the ministering will
* grow in the Lord
* become effective soul winners
* learn to follow-up in the booth
* even learn to disciple when at home
* learn to work for the benefit of others

The above benefits will spill over into other ministries of the church and soon your people will be talking to Family, Friends, Neighbors, Workmates and Schoolmates.  These are the prime candidates for building your church and you will be in their hot pursuit.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010