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How to Find Events
in Texas

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

You can get the Texas Events Calendar several different ways ...

1. 800-452-9292
2. Texas Events Calendar,
    PO Box 149249,
    Austin, TX  78714-9249
3. eMail: trv-tec@dot.state.tx.us

These 3 will get you the next magazine publication, which comes out in ...
August for Sept - Oct - Nov
November for Dec - Jan - Feb
February for Mar - April - May
May for June - July - August

It is FREE, so sign up to receive the magazine.

To see what is going on "right now".  Go to ...

The site is not as good as the magazine, but it will get you going.
I like to work the short events, so I don't need as much help, if any. If you work close to home, there is probably someone in your church who can help occasionally.
Talk it up at church and ask the Pastor to let you give testimonies when you return, to wet the appetite for more helpers.

Once you find an event which is a good fit, call the number in the listing and ask for an application to be sent to you. 

Google the event.  The application may be online as well as much more information. 
A local Library or Chamber may have back copies.

I once found about 25 to 35 events within a couple hours of Longview, TX,  that only worked on Saturdays, for someone who lived in the area, whom I thought might work them.

After you get all 4 quarters of the magazine, you can plan ahead. The dates will vary, even as much as several weeks, but it is a good start.
Try to use the event's web site to obtain dates ahead of the magazine.  Some are slow in putting info up, but many are timely.


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