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Fairs vs. Festivals

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

If Fairs are larger
Why go to Festivals?

Table of Contents
* Scheduling
* Expense
* Occurrence
* Recommend

Fairs are multi-day Events and usually require booths to be manned all day, every day.  (If your fair does not require having people in the booth all day each day, then read the rest with a grain of salt.)  This is a huge burden on even a medium size church.

Festivals are usually just on Saturdays or Friday night and all day Saturday or Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Scheduling here is feasible, even if the Event is out of town. 

Most Festivals do not insist on the booth being occupied all the time.  They may say yes, when asked, but in reality, many do not enforce this rule.  An out of town Festival may be worked only on Saturday.  A Festival may enable your ministry to use a lot less workers than a Fair, if worker availability is a problem.

* Fairs are usually more expensive than Festivals.
* They are more apt to require insurance.
* Fairs usually charge for admission and parking..

* Fairs usually all occur at the same time.  Festivals may occur all during the year.

We like to recommend that churches work their local Fair and Festival and then work Festivals in the surrounding areas to help train their members in soul winning and keep them soul conscious year round.  Scheduling an event every other month or once per quarter is not burdensome.

Some of the churches with whom we work, help sister churches in their surrounding area to get started.  This help relieve the scheduling of workers.  But again, when starting out, stay with the Festivals, they are usually shorter.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
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