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How to Start a Witness
with a Tract

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
1. Ask the First Question
2. Ask the Second Question
3. Ask the Third Question
4. With Teenagers and Young Adults

Follow closely to see how to begin a witness while at one of the following ...
* At a Parade
* In a Soul Winning Booth
* While Knocking on Doors
* During Causal Conversation

The Steps on this page are not just some ideas or theories, but have been tried and proven over and over with different witnesses and in many parts of America.


1. Ask the First Question
"Did you get one (tract)?" or
"Did I ever give you one of these (tract)?"

Both of these questions will probably get you a "No" reply. That's good. A "No" answer in this case means continue. They have not received a tract, so give it to them.


2. Ask the Second Question
"Here it is, this one is yours. This tells us what the Bible says about getting to Heaven. By the way, do you know for sure that you are going to Heaven?"

They will probably say, "No".
* If they say, "Yes," ask them, well good, where did that happen?" By asking "Where it happened?" you can discover very quickly, exactly what they have in mind. If you ask, "How it happened" they may not know what they are talking about and begin a long explanation. If you ask them to tell you about it, they may begin telling you everything but what you asked.
* If they reply, "At confirmation." Tell them, "Oh, I am sure that you are involved in a lot of religious activities, but I am not talking about religion. This is what I mean " then go directly to a sin verse. Do not address confirmation, baptism, church membership, etc.


3. Ask the Third Question
"But, If I could show you how you could know for sure, you sure would like to see it, wouldn't you?"

* If they say, "Yes", begin right away to either read the tract to them or open you New Testament and show it to them.
* If they reply, "No," tell them, "Now remember, I am not asking you to do anything, just SEE it. What would it hurt to just SEE it?"

Conversation Location
* If in a Public Event Booth and they want to see it, tell them, "Come here, I'll show it to you", as you wave them into the booth and start pulling out chairs.
* If at someone's front door and they want to see it, tell them, "I want to be able to answer some of your questions, lets sit down at your table, right quick."


With Teenagers and Young Adults
When they reply "No" to the Second Question, you do not have to ask the Third, just say, "Oh, OK, I'll show it to you." Then open their tract and begin explaining it to them. Or, open your New Testament, etc.


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G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
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