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How to Set Up
a Soul Winning Booth

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
* Inside a Building
* Outside a Building
* Front Table
* Rear Tables
* Chairs
* Stools
* Banner
* 3 Door Board
* Floor Tarp
* Forms
* Booth Layout

Inside a Building
If the booth is to be inside a building, state and regional fairs will usually provide partitions in increments of 10 ft x 10 ft squares, allowing for 100 square foot booth spaces.  County fairs may provide partitions, but many do not.  Festivals usually do not have "inside" booth space.  A canopy can be setup inside a building to help define the booth space and provide a means to hang a banner and wall-type partitions.
For pictures of how the booth is laid out, see the next paragraph.


Outside a Building
If the booth is outside, a canopy will be needed for shade, privacy, displaying a banner and blocking the wind.  Pictures.


Front Table
The front table should be 4 ft to 6 ft long.  Any longer and entrance into the booth will become problematic.  A wipe-able table cover is vital to cover materials, etc., under the table and make the front of the booth attractive, appearing clean and orderly.  Bright colors can be helpful, but stay away from the "neon" colors (they seem to depict worldliness). Pictures.


Rear Tables
The 2 rear tables should be 1.5 ft by 3 ft or a little larger.  Remember space is vital.  Covers matching the front table are nice.  Again they should be wipe-able. Pictures.


6 to 10 folding chairs will be needed.  2 to 4 of these chairs can be kept folded, but handy for quick use. Pictures.

Folding chairs with plastic bottoms and backs from a rental place are the best.  They are light.  They nest together for ease of transfer from storage to booth.  A bungee cord around 3 or 4 at a time makes them easy to carry.  Rental shops will occasionally sell used ones at a reduced price.  We have a set of these chairs in use for years and suspect will be available for use many more.  A Christian rental shop may donate a set.  Regular folding, metal chairs can be used if events are only available once a year, but if working every 1-2 or 3 months, try to make everything easier to handle, so the work does not become a drudge.


2 stools can be used for those working up front.  But it is best to stay standing to maintain an aggressive position to deal with the public.  Stools are a must for missionaries, planning to work all day everyday.  Workers are not going to be in the booth more than 2-4 hours and they can take turns up front.

Wal-Mart has folding stools.  The tall ones are useful up front in the booth.


Use a 3 ft x 5 ft banner on the back wall, using the canopy frame to stretch it with bungee cords.  Too much tension will damage the Banner.

Vinyl material with stitched hems works very well.  Vinyl letters are glued on, but we have used the same banner for years and they will hold up if transported in a shipping tube or plastic pipe.  Roll them up with the letters on outside.

Do not be tempted to hang a lot of signs and banners.  Use the same reasoning as good printers use: lots of "White Space".  Figure out the most important information that needs to be told, then put it on a banner and let it suffice.  Use lots of "White Space" on the banner, too.

Some want to use the banner as advertisement.  This is a mistake.  Use the banner as a tool to accomplish what you came for.  We use ours as a means to seat prospects for a thorough witness.  Save your advertising for the materials handed out. 

Obtained from Amazing Grace Mission


3 Door Board

* God Cannot Lie, I Tim 2:1
* God Cannot Change, Mal 6:4
* God Cannot let anyone into heaven unless they are born again, John 3:3
Board is 1/2 to 3/4 plyboard, 18" H x 36" long
Sign is 6" x 30"

3 Door Board Usage

Obtained from Amazing Grace Mission


Floor Tarp
To be used when setting up in a sandy, dusty or weedy environment.  Can be used over a little mud, but if too muddy, ask those running the Fair or Festival to give you a better place. 

A 10 x 10 tarp may be difficult to find.  The next best is 10 x 12.  Use one with a little higher "Mil" thickness than normal "Blue" tarps, because it will be walked on and table legs can be damaging.

Plastic Containers
Use 1-3 plastic bins to store all supplies and to transport to events.  Secure the lids for protection.  They can be put under the front table during booth operation. 


* Decision Cards - for prospect follow-up

* Birth Certificates - for prospect retention

* The Next Step - for prospect guidance
Complete 4 page Pamphlet

4 page, 2 leaf, pamphlet showing Scripture for most of the needs of a new convert.

Booth Layout

Overhead view of a typical soul winning booth.  Prospects pass by in front of the 3 Door Board at the top of drawing.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010