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How to Seat Prospects
in a Soul Winning Booth

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

The Best of Circumstances
An in-person training presentation is by far the best way to get started.
* The Shift Leaders will know exactly how to seat prospects
* The Workers will be more apt to volunteer and will do so with confidence
* All questions can be answered

Personal Presentations are FREE
We do not charge for coming to your church.  It is best to have us come, train and leave to let your people put everything into practice. 

Most think it is best for us to help the first year.  Experience has shown us that when we are present during the event, the local people want to just watch to see how.  Our personal training session shows how.  When the event comes, it is simply time to go to work.

We are agreeable, if the church wants to take up an offering to help us help others. This not why we feel that an in-person training presentation is important.

Many of the churches we want to help are very small, with little or no money.  It would be a huge mistake for them to think they can't have us in.  Without a doubt, the kind of help we bring is one that will bring a church from few to flowing-over.  We are missionaries.  If we cannot accommodate, we will let you know.

The Difference - Slide Show vs Video
* The slide show is a series of pages with text only.  There are no pictures.
* The video is footage of Steve Andres going through the motions and wording in front of a typical booth.

Both of these are for training Shift Leaders Worker training is simply going over a Witness Pamphlet and putting them at ease by reinforcing 3 areas ...
1. Workers will only witness to prospects who have already asked to see how to be saved.
2. Workers will experience very, very little objections.  There will be some rejections.
3. Workers are assured that they don't do the saving, just the telling and that they can have 100% success in telling all the plan of salvation or any part.  God does the saving.
When Workers understand these 3 statement, they will usually volunteer to help.

See the 3+3+3 = Seated Method Slide Show
Do not miss this aspect of Public Event Booth Work. It is tried and proven over many years.  Many have tried other methods and given up. 
* It has nothing to do with witnessing. 
* It is all about seating prospects for a good witness ...
* A witness your church has been trained to use
* Our Witness Pamphlet

There are many good ways to witness, there is only one excellent way to seat prospects for a witness.  It is excellent because it is so simple and easy to train church members, even with no experience on your part or theirs.

Order the Video
It is the better than the Slide Show. Besides the Slide Show can be seen anytime on the internet.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
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