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How to Request
a Booth Application

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
* Overall Glimpse
* Requesting a Booth Application
* Online
* We are often asked
* Skeptical
* Finding events in your state

Overall Glimpse
A request for an application for renting a Booth Space is the first step.  Complete the application and return with a check.  If they cash the check, you are probably in.  You will have to call in most occasions to verify acceptance.


Requesting a Booth Application
If you are looking to rent a booth space in a local event, you will want to keep some of the following in mind. Not everything mentioned needs to be said during every conversation. If you are serious about reaching your community, you will be making a lot of calls and experience will be your best teacher.
Read over the following and understand how this information may help ease tensions when objections and rejections begin to surface.
Do not assume the committees involved are against your church, unless your church has been a nuisance to the community in the past.
Our experience has been that we see very few people against what we are doing. Some events are very glad for us to be present and even give us the best places and some even at no cost.
* Do not ask for a free space. No one likes a moocher.
* Do not fuss at the committee workers.
* Do not insist on "your rights".
* Do not sell products or services from your booth space.


Many events are putting their applications on their Web Site, for downloading.  This is helpful up front, but may work against you when sent in, because you cannot answer some of their questions and may be turned down without a hearing.


We are often asked, "What do you sell?"

"We do not sell anything, everything we have is free. We simply make available (sounds better than handing out, etc., it does not sound pushy) Gospel literature at no cost. We also usually work in conjunction with a local Baptist Church." (if you are not working in your own community)

We do not mention
* witnessing,
* soul winning,
* evangelism or any other like term.

Committees do not like to hear about ...
* Preaching
* Singing
* Music
* Group Praying
* Teaching
Don't go to be noticed.  Go to ...
1. Spread the Gospel one at a time
2. Train your members in soul winning with hands-on experience


1. If they seem leery about sending an application to start the booth rental process, mention

Our Literature is not offensive to any religious organization.
Our literature is ...
* Cheerfully Received by every segment of Society
* Readily Read by Recipients
* Gladly Retained for future Reference
This spells, "No Cleanup Problems"
Also, let them know you will be able to send pictures of the booth and examples of the literature and supply proof of liability insurance if needed.

 The world does not care if you are 100% for Jesus Christ, but it will not tolerate your intolerance of what they are for.  This being the case, keep your public ministry positive.  Preach and teach doctrine as the Lord leads in places were you do not pay for booth space, etc.  On these occasions, they control your conduct, do not give them reason to not let you spread the Gospel.
* Do not "Street Preach"
* Do not hold "Prayer Meetings"
* Do not sing Hymns
* Keep all the rules

When talking to a pastor in a small town, he told me that they would not let him back in their festival because they did not like them preaching the Gospel or singing old fashion hymns.
He seemed to be very proud of the fact that the community was fed up with him.  He seemed to think their disdain was a Badge of Courage for the church.
All he accomplished was possibly a good testimony for one event and many years of silence for himself and even any other group.
Please remember when the Bible speaks of preaching the Gospel, the primary thought is one-on-one witnessing, not necessarily sermons.
I love to preach and have done so in over 300 churches, youth camps and camp meetings.  But the number one purpose of preachers and the people in the pew is personal soul winning.

2. If they say that they do not like to rent to people outside the community, mention

No money is taken out of the community
* Nothing to Sell
* Donations are not solicited nor accepted
* No raffles
If this still does not move them, go to the Baptist Church in that community, have them get the booth, then either work with them or train them to do it.

3. If they seem to think you are not legitimate, mention

Our group is made up of people from the community, who work at
* _____
* _____
* _____

4. If you are working in events in other cities, let the committee know the names and places
* _____
* _____
* _____

See our dummy web site which is used to refer  Event Committees for them to understand what we do.  It also, helps us fully state our case without referring to the site you are currently reading, which makes statements for the ears and eyes of soul winners, not event committees.


Finding events in your state

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